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With 4 generations of farming in the Glasshouse Mountains area, you can be sure of a product second to none. Free Delivery into our yard every Friday!


For additional information and pricing, ask our friendly staff instore!

Palmetto Buffalo Turf.png    
  • Performance as good as other Buffalo turf with a fine texture
  • Grows quickly across the ground, quickly recovers from wear, has a deep root system & excellent winter colour
  • Tolerate shade & is suitable for household lawns & recreational areas
  • Best turf for pets
  • $14.50 m2

 Sapphire Buffalo Turf.png

  • A tough, soft leaf Buffalo
  • Available nationwide
  • Requires less watering & mowing than other varieties
  • Proven to have excellent colour retention & generally out competes weeds once established
  • #1 seller in the world, better for allergies & with less thatch

  • $14.50 m2

Nara Native Turf.png  
  • Low maintenance & is naturally very salt tolerant
  • Fast to establish with less mowing, edging, fertilising, & watering is needed for this tough native turf to stay alive
  • Excellent salt-tolerance makes it generally a coastal grass but proven to work inland
  • Rarely gets disease & copes well with humid, dry climatic conditions
  • Drought tolerant
  • Grub resistant
  • Not available

 Wintergreen Couch.png

  • A hybrid green couch with high colour retention
  • Most popular in Queensland
  • Grows best in full sun
  • Has a higher seed head production with a fine leaf resulting in a dense, turf surface
  • Proven to grow well in homes, playing fields, parks, roadsides, golf courses & tennis courts

  • $7.00 m2

Empire Zoysia Turf.png

  • Best drought-tolerant lawn surf for SE Queensland
  • Soft to touch, excellent tolerance, thrives in extreme heat & humidity
  • Can adapt to the shade, keeps good winter colour & generally out-competes weeds once established
  • Requires less watering & mowing than any other commercially grown turf in Australia
  • Grub resistant
  • $14.50 m2

  • sir walter sign.jpg Sir Walter Buffalo Grass performance as good as any other buffalo turf,with the added benefit of fine texture and higher shade tolerance. It will grow in the shade just as easily as it will in the full sun,and it has a lush,mild green colour and a soft,broad leaf. It is recommended for all lawns,both commercial and domestic in nature. 
     sir walter go.jpg  $15.50 m2



  • First make sure your prepared laying surface is level, by raking and removing any sticks, rocks or other bulky items.
  • You MUST lay your new GoTurf lawn as soon as possible on day of delivery. If the turf is not laid on the same day it will get pallet burn/compost and not survive.
  • It is crucial that you water your turf immediately after laying, we recommend that you ‘flood’ your turf (turf should be that wet you cannot walk on it) and kept wet for the first 48 hours.
  • You must water your lawn until it is drenched every day for the first week, then reduce watering to every second day in the second week, every third day in the third week.
  • Once the turf has ‘taken’ (this can be check by trying to lift the grass gently on a corner of one of the slabs), usually at around 4 weeks, your new GoTurf lawn is ready to mow.




Autumn Blend Fertiliser: Give your lawn needs going into the cooler months.Feeds and strenthens your lawn up to 3 months

Encourages strong root growth and beautiful winter colour.

Available in 900g ($7.50) and 3kg ($22.00) tubs.


 goturf spring.png

Spring Blend Fertiliser: Feeds,nourishes and strengthens your lawn for up to 3 months. This quality fertiliser contains higher Nitrogen for Spring growth.


Available in 900g ($7.50) and 3kg ($22.00)tubs.



Under Lawn Blend:Super absorbent water crystals to help keep new lawns hydrated. Its mineral proportions are as follows: N10.0% P4.3% K11.8% S5.0%

Helps to save water

Available in 900g($14.00) and 3kg ($32.00) tubs.



All Purpose Weed Control: Controls a broad range of 9 common lawn weeds including bindii, capeweed, catsear, clover, dandelion, dock, lambs tongue, plantains and thistles in common grass types (except buffalo and durban grasses).

- Contains a Balanced NPK to feed lawns.
- Fast and residual weed control.
- 2 Litres treats 130m2 $15.00 



 Lawn Roller Hire $20.00 per day

$100.00 deposit refunded upon return (I.D REQUIRED).















new bruunings gypsum 25kg.jpg  Best use for breaking up clay base before adding TopSoil to prepare surface for your Turf. (20 KG) $20.00 ea.
 top-dres20-20small.JPG  Premuim Quality under/over turf soil, our Topdress does not compact under newly layed turf while providing nutrients to help roots establish ... $92.00 per M3.
























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